Ways to Help the School

Friends, grandparents, alumni and parishioners – here are a few ways you can help the school at no cost to you and with no effort beyond the initial registration! Feel free to share with others who are willing to support us.

  • Shop at smile.amazon.com for all Amazon orders! The school gets 0.05% on each order!
  • Sign up for Shop with Scrip
  • BoxTops for Education
  • Buy Scrip​ directly from the school
  • Check with your employer for donation-matching programs.
  • Spread the good news about the excellent education we offer

We appreciate your ongoing support of our great school!

Wish List

Our tuition only covers a portion of the cost to educate a student. The rest of this cost comes from fundraisers and donations. Because of this, we are on a very tight budget from year to year. We frequently identify needs that are not included in our budget. These are items that would enhance the curriculum, or would improve the school environment. These are often items that teachers must purchase from their own funds. We will list items here as they are suggested by parents, students or teachers. For more information or to make suggestions, you can call the principal at 619-284-8730. Thank you!

  • Chromebooks and IPads
  • Subscription to online programs for math and reading
  • Basketball, soccer balls, play balls, jump ropes, hula hoops for daycare and recess use
  • Educational games for daycare and the classrooms, including Deluxe Scrabble and Taboo
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