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Your children can excel at St. Didacus Parish School

Welcome, to St. Didacus Parish School!

St. Didacus Parish School is a private, Catholic elementary school in San Diego offering Preschool – Middle School that is engaged with parents, children, and community in the ongoing educational development of the student.

Your children can excel at St. Didacus Parish School

At St. Didacus, a Catholic elementary school in San Diego, we believe that Christ is the center of our school. The unseen but ever-present teacher. The model for our faculty and staff. The inspiration for our children and their parents. We pride ourselves on our cultural diversity and our high academic standards. In addition to our rigorous studies, we offer a hands-on science lab, computers, art, music, physical education, and library. Our students shine in the Diocesan Academic Decathlon year after year. Students also participate in the online First in Math Program where we consistently rank among the top 5 schools in the state. Your child will be prepared to be the Catholic leaders of the future – in their parishes, in their communities, and in the world. Our school empowers students to be spiritually, academically and socially prepared to live today and tomorrow, both morally and effectively.


“As a substitute teacher, I enjoy visiting St. Didacus! St. Didacus students are polite, joyful, and kind. They make teaching a real pleasure, and they absorb learning with interest and motivation! Thank you for inviting me to your campus!”
Debbie Schnitzius
Holy Spirit Parish
“I love this classroom. It is so organized and the students are so focused and well behaved. There is no reason a student shouldn’t be able to learn in here. If a student can’t learn in here, he can’t learn anywhere!”
Theresa McClain
Evaluating teacher from public school
“The Academy of Our Lady of Peace considers St. Didacus a valued ‘neighbor’ of ours whose students we are proud to know. They are helpful, exceptionally well prepared academically, and enter high school with a sound character component that serves our community, our Diocese, and our Church.”
Sister Dolores Anchondo and Sister Joyce Hample
Principals, Academy of Our Lady of Peace
Both of my kids went to St. Didacus from K-8. They were fully prepared for high school and then later college, both graduating Summa Cum Laude. Now, we are starting a new generation there with my granddaughter who just started Pre-school. She loves it! Mrs. Dean is an amazing Principal, caring but at the same time firm. We love being back in the St. Didacus school family.
Grace Grasska
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We are proud to be a WASC/WCEA Accredited school.

A WCEA accreditation is approved by the Local Ordinary (Canon 803), providing authentic Catholic teaching, opportunities for community worship and participation in the Sacraments, and promoting evangelization and service to the community.

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