We often hear from alumni, former parents and members of the community at large regarding their impressions of St. Didacus and our students. We thought we would share some of their testimonials with you!


I wanted to thank you for the great work that St. Didacus is doing during this quarantine period.  The work that Henry and Frankie have been doing has been great and the workload manageable for them and Megan and I to support them and continue with our own work.  I very much appreciate the deliberate and supportive plan you and your staff have implemented. -Pete Chodzko May 6, 2020

We are in our 3rd year at St. Didacus and are incredibly happy we made the decision to attend this school. After touring seven elementary schools in San Diego, I will admit I was hesitant in selecting a school outside of our neighborhood. However, we have been pleased with the experience thus far; the academic program is strong, the teachers are true leaders, and the diversity at the school cannot be beat. In addition, they have several after school programs (Choir, Gardening Club, sports, music, etc.), as well as after school care at a fraction of the cost of others I researched. As someone who prides herself in doing her due diligence (particularly when it comes to our kids), I know I made the right decision. Families can get as involved as they want (board members, Parent Teacher Group, Room Parents, volunteers, etc.) and there is a real transparency to how the school is doing and in which direction it’s moving.    
Marina Escobedo –  Yelp October 2019

I have 2 children that attend St Didacus. We’re a newer family but we have nothing but positive things to say about this school. The faculty and staff are so welcoming and warm and my children love it. We are a great example of the diversity in this school. We are not of catholic faith and we’re welcomed with open arms. No judgement. We understand educating our children with incredible values and this is truly what St Didacus offers. We definitely plan to be here for the long haul!  Brooke Douglas – Yelp October 2019

My daughter and son have been at Saint D for 6 years now, and it has been the only school they have known. We wanted to put them in a place where we could leave them knowing they were left in good hands. We don’t have to worry about classes having so many students that the teachers are over whelmed and or having to wait a long time to speak to the principal if there is a issue. We love that it is a small enough school, where everyone knows everyone and it feels like a family. We love Saint D, and it is well worth paying the money to know your kids are in a safe place. Stephen Flanagan – Yelp October 2019

My daughter has been student at St. Didacus since preschool and I couldn’t be more happy with this amazing school. A warm and welcoming administration, a true “open door” policy, excellence in teaching, and reinforcement of Catholic faith formation. What more could I ask for in a school? I highly recommend St. Didacus!
– Ian Lenahan

The Principal and the Teachers are unparalleled in their love and dedication for the good of all the students. Its a family working hard for the future of our sons and daughters providing them with the best Catholic Education; Always striving for Academic Excellence, Emotional Maturity, Physical Competency, Balanced Spirituality, Social and Community service and involvement. . .
– Enrique Fuentes

Word travels fast across the USA! Here I am in Florida (actually in AR today) and my Mother (who lives in San Diego) told me her friend was having lunch today and the students from St. Didacus came into the restaurant & sang. You made many people smile today & how lucky are you to have Chris Sorgi Dean as your Principal!!! Merry Christmas!
Maureen McKinley-Sanders; St. Didacus Parish School Alumna ‘80 (Facebook Quote)

Both of my kids went to St. Didacus from K-8.  They were fully prepared for high school and then later college, both graduating Summa Cum Laude.  Now, we are starting a new generation there with my granddaughter who just started Pre-school.  She loves it!  Mrs. Dean is an amazing Principal, caring but at the same time firm.  We love being back in the St. Didacus school family.
-Grace Grasska; Facebook Quote 

“Terry and I attended a 45 year reunion of our 8th grade class not long ago. It was organized by Michael Blood, who did a wonderful job in putting it all together. On that day, I met the school’s current principal, with whom I was very impressed. She walked with me through the halls of the school and was interested in hearing my reaction to the experience in that I had not been in the building for almost half a century. To my amazement (as well as Terry’s), nothing in the physical structure had really changed, except of course for certain maintenance upgrades. I closed my eyes and could almost hear the sounds of the past echo through the halls. It was not only strange, it was pleasantly spiritual. I felt home again. After reading about the school’s current operation, mission, faculty strength, etc., and having discussed the same with the principal, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the school to any serious, potential student. The school appears to still provide a quality education which includes a moral compass, something most secular schools lack.”
— Timothy FlaniganClass of 1961, Attorney at Law, Sacramento, CA

“The Academy of Our Lady of Peace considers St. Didacus a valued ‘neighbor’ of ours whose students we are proud to know. They are helpful, exceptionally well prepared academically, and enter high school with a sound character component that serves our community, our Diocese, and our Church.”
— Sister Dolores Anchondo and Sister Joyce HamplePrincipals, Academy of Our Lady of Peace

“As an alumna of St. Didacus School, I can attest to the wonderful education that this school provides. My name is Stefini Ma’ake and I graduated from St. Didacus in 1994, after attending this school for 9 years. It was my home away from home, where I was surrounded by caring staff and faculty members that believed in all the students and instilled in us a firm foundation to grow from. It is because of this school, that I received a love for learning and education, a solid Catholic identity, and an understanding of community and family values. Looking back, St. Didacus provides long-lasting friendships, great family friends, but most importantly, a love for God and oneself. Through all my years at St. Didacus, I have many cherished memories of after-school sports activities, Christmas programs, playing in both the big and little yards, and walking down the block to attend church as a unified school. 

I currently am a teacher at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace, and each year I am introduced to other alumnae from St. Didacus. I see the caliber of students that St. Didacus produces and I am always amazed at the grace, intelligence and talent that each possess. It is for all these reasons that we decided to send the next generation of the Ma’ake family to St. Didacus. Recently, my niece was enrolled in pre-school at St. Didacus, and I couldn’t be more proud to drop her off each morning and let people know that she is a student at St. Didacus. I love being able to tell her stories of how her father, and her aunts were also students at this school, of how her grandma used to be in charge of the hot lunch program and of how her grandpa built walls at the church or helped with moving the Kindergarten to its current location. St. Didacus has made such a profound influence on my life and I am truly grateful for all that it has given to me and countless other ‘Didakids’ out there.”
— Stefini Ma’ake ’94Teacher at Academy of Our Lady of Peace

“Words cannot begin to describe the emotions I felt upon attending your open house yesterday evening. Wonderment! Sadness!- that the present school our child attends has no idea how disinterested they are in the children…, Amazement at the passion your teachers have for teaching! What a wonderful school you lead! Everything was so impressive from the teachers professionalism to the wonderful posted accomplishments of the students. Kudos to all of you. It is very obvious the pride you all have in this school. You are truly a gift to the all the children you teach. God Bless you all!”
— Marty PaetzoldGrandmother of Mari Alfaro

“St. Didacus prepared me for the challenging academic atmosphere at OLP. I came not knowing what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that I was ahead in math and history. St. Didacus was a great choice for me because I made friends that remained throughout high school, I had great bonds with my teachers and I learned great study skills that helped me in high school. ”
— Kelsey CeccarelliSt. Didacus Graduate, 2007

“I can still remember when I was a preschooler at St. Didacus. I have obviously done a lot of growing up since then, but I would not be who I am today without the experiences I had at St. Didacus. I am now a sophomore at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace and I feel that I am old enough now to truly appreciate the knowledge I gained during elementary and middle school. I attended St. Didacus for 10 years and I learned something new about myself each year, whether it was a talent in math or how to be a real friend. 
One of my favorite things that I participated in was the Academic Decathlon. We had two great coaches, Mr. Kabalican and Mr. Remedios, among other volunteers that lead us to an unforgettable victory. This victory being First Place in the super-quiz portion and Third Place over all! I am still so proud of the team and thankful to everyone who volunteered to help teach us all the extra material we needed to know for the competition. Preparing for the Decathlon taught me so many good habits that I now use in high school. I had to learn to rely mostly on myself to know the extra load of material that was my responsibility for the competition. I learned the value of hard work, many new study habits and I learned to work with a team. I was responsible for the English portion of the Decathlon which helped me to discover an interest in language and literature that has also translated through my classes. I am taking World Literature Honors this year and I especially enjoy it. 
Overall, my years at St. Didacus have taught me that hard work really does pay off. And I am indebted to many of my elementary school teachers who helped me to grow. As I am nearing the date of my Confirmation, I am so thankful to the solid faith I learned throughout my time at St. Didacus. Through determination I was accepted to AOLP. I have been a part of the California Scholarship Federation for three years now, and I was recently recognized on the Principal’s Honor Roll. This is all thanks to the foundation that was built at St. Didacus which has proven to be invaluable to me.”
— Kristin PendletonSt. Didacus Graduate, 2009

“I love this classroom. It is so organized and the students are so focused and well behaved. There is no reason a student shouldn’t be able to learn in here. If a student can’t learn in here, he can’t learn anywhere!”
— Theresa McClainEvaluating teacher from public school

“As a substitute teacher, I enjoy visiting St. Didacus! St. Didacus students are polite, joyful, and kind. They make teaching a real pleasure, and they absorb learning with interest and motivation!  Thank you for inviting me to your campus!”
— Debbie SchnitziusHoly Spirit Parish

“Thanks John. By the way, your teams, parents & fans always show great support & class when they come to our tourney. I wish all the schools were that way.”
— Gil PimentelThe head of the Saints Alumni Tournament to our Athletic Director

“I was one of the three Mingei Museum Docents who gave a tour to your second graders 
on Tuesday, March 29th. We were so impressed with the students. Besides being well behaved, they were attentive, responsive and engaged in the tour. It was a pleasure touring with the children who were inquisitive and gave intelligent answers. Please consider returning to the Mingei with other grade levels. 

“Congratulations on keeping the Arts alive for your students! ”
— Carol HarlowMingei Museum Docent

“I want to know what this school feeds these kids for lunch! They should bottle it and sell it to other schools!”
QUIZ KIDS Quiz Show KCBQ Radio host 

New student to his mother: “Mom, the kids in this school try really hard to be good!”

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